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Personal Quest -
Lynda Cottrell
October, 2004 from Mrs Lynda Cottrell

I am researching my family history and am interested
to find out any information on my Great Uncle and Auntie who lived in Wrington. My Great Uncle was known as Fred Morris although my research has led me to believe that he was christened as Jeremiah, his wife was known as Win Morris and I do not know her full Christian name.

I remember meeting Fred on a
number of occassions but cannot remember when he died but it was before his wife. Win I used to visit in Wrington around 1974-75. She was at that time an elderly lady. I believe she must have died before 1984. They lived in The Old School House in Wrington.

I have recently visited the Parish Church but can find no evidence of their burial there. Would you have any advice on how I could find out a bit more about these family
members ?.

Thank you in anticipation

8th November, 2004 from Richard Thorn

One of my regular informants on these matters, Trevor Wedlake, says he remembers Fred and Win Morris. Fred was a groom at Barley Wood in Wrington. He also says they lived in 'Sunnyside' one of a pair of cottages immediately off the end of my road (Orchard Close) and not the school house - which had puzzled me too, because right up until the 1970s (we've lived here since 1967) the school house was occupied by the head teacher of the day.

Another local historian, Mrs Joyce Smith, who, with her husband, was the first editor of the Village Journal, says there was a note in the Journal in 1979 recording Win's funeral on 1st March. Although it doesn't appear in the All Saints' records of burials, they probably attended the URC.