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Mystery Plays - Good Friday 2001

     Good Friday
 Mystery   Plays
      All Saints'

  Performed in All Saints' on Good Friday, 13th April, 2001 by a cast  drawn from local Anglican, URC and Roman Catholic congregations.

 The production was directed by Echo Irving

In mediaeval times, these plays were staged by the various trade guilds. Each Guild would be responsible for a play, and the subject matter would be related to a particular craft.

So, for example, the Tapiters and Couchers
would be responsible for The First Trial before Pilate, the Nailmakers for The Crucifixion, the Shipbuilders for Noah, and the Bakers for The Feeding of the Five Thousand - a statement that all life was hallowed, including work. There was no separation between the secular and religious in mediaeval thinking.

There are three complete cycles from the Creation to the Last Judgement known to us today, and the plays performed in Wrington, which cover Holy Week, are modern
adaptations of the Middle English.

The plays are staged at five locations, and
the congregation moved to each location
during a hymn separating each play.

In The Trial before Pilate and the
Judgement, they joined in the role of the rabble, adding calls of "Crucify Him" and "Release Barabbas" to those of the cast.  

The cast prepare


Jesus and his followers make their way to prepare for the Last Supper



Jesus asks his disciples to maintain
their vigil while he prays in Gethsemane


To his chagrin, Peter, like the rest,
cannot stay awake


An angel proclaims Jesus' eventual

          Jesus is betrayed by Judas  and taken into custody

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