Broad Street Wrington ARCHIVE Page 2

Visit to Lambeth Palace, 3rd May, 2000

Waiting for the coach in Broad Street

The 52-strong party awaiting the arrival of the Blagdon Lioness coach for departure at 8am in Broad Street
The reception point at Lambeth Palace consisted of a marquee-like area where, under the watchful eye of the day's organiser ......... .... the party could view a delightful exhibition of work by visiting primary schoolchildren, whilst awaiting the start of the tour
Reception area at Lambeth Palace Part of scholchildren's art exhibition
Tour party outside the Palace The tour began with an informative introductory video, and lasted for an
hour and twenty minutes, including a
view of the outside .......
........ with descriptions from an engaging volunteer guide The tour guide in full flow
Restaurant Gift shop display case
Lunch at the Palace gave considerably
better value than at the Reading
motorway services ........
... although the prices in the gift shop were certainly not for the fainthearted
Vera Perry outside the Palace Only a small portion of the area outside the Palace was accessible ....

.... but just a few paces away next door, the Tradescant Garden Museum in a restored church provided both welcome shelter indoors and a fascinating town garden outside
Tradescant Garden sign Tradescant Garden