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Wrington Community Photography Project
Exhibition - page 1

An exhibition of work by villagers and the two professionals who inspired and organised the whole project -

Ann Dale & Tina Gue

- held in the Memorial Hall on Saturday, 2nd December and Sunday, 3rd December, 2000

Ann Dale joins some early visitors
inspecting the main photograph on
display -

a 4' blow-up of the photograph of all
villagers who turned up in All Saints'
churchyard at noon on 2nd September.

There was much sorting out of who was
standing exactly where !


Prizewinner Cordelia Pegge

Some people were able to identify themselves in the exhibits 
       Liz Thomas - overall prizewinner

 Shots by and of children were
much in evidence

 The crowd round the main picture .......
...... just grew and grew !

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