Broad Street Wrington ARCHIVE
Guides' Pantomimes
1967, 1968, 1970

These photographs were kindly supplied by Olive Mellett,
who writes:
"Here are a few of the photos of the Guides' pantomimes.
I have put names of those we remember -
perhaps others will recognise themselves,
and let me know - in particular I would like to name 'Cinderella'."

Alladine 1967

Louise Collins     Jane Yeoman          Heather Davis
Anne Bush  Marina Dyer Brenda Weare  Christine Smythe   Hester Clements
                     Gillian Lane    Jane Cox  Janet Bell Wendy Bendall  Kim House Alison Flood

Cinderella 1968

 ? Sarah Wollaway      ?                 ?                 ?       Beverly Warner   Sue Dyke
?         Marion Sydney Cecilia Williams        ?                     ?                ?
Julie Yeoman Hester Clements  Kim House  Wendy Bendall


 ?      June Yeoman Hester Clements       ?                      Ann Overington

 Sleeping Beauty 1970



Cecilia Williams                     Sallyann Hobbs
                                           Karen Wilson         Heather Wharton

Allayne Brown    Viviane Cox                                Sue Dyke    Beverly Warner     


Elizabeth Bird      Kate Smith                             Marion Sydney  Ann Overington
Viviane Cox       Susan Dyke         Sarah Wollway         Beverly Warner      ?