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That Road !

Those of you who attended the Open Meeting organised by the Parish Council last February will
know the background to a new road proposed in a report called the Greater Bristol Strategic Transport Study (GBSTS).

This suggested that
there was good justification for a road link from Junction 21 on the M5, near
Weston, to south Bristol via Bristol Airport. The proposal had caused considerable concern among
Wrington and Redhill residents and this resulted in the very well attended Open Meeting.

Following the meeting several volunteers with specialist skills came forward to work with Councillors. This group worked on a Wrington response to the GBSTS conclusions up to the November meeting of the Parish Council when the local findings were fully endorsed. The local report has now been published and can be examined in detail at:


The report runs to 9 pages and includes a detailed critique of the original data and conclusions. It is not merely a local view on one issue, but suggests alternate solutions to the key strategic transport options.

Key findings are:

    -the precise route proposed by GBSTS to the north of Wrington and Redhill villages is totally

    -the case for any new road from Junction 21 to south Bristol via Bristol Airport is just not valid
-however, there are aspects of the GBSTS conclusions that are to be supported. These include
improvements to Junction 21, a Banwell bypass, better public transport provision, better road links
from the A38 to the A370 closer to Bristol, and several others. Full details of these are in the report.

The Council is very grateful to those with specialist skills who have helped in the local study, and in
particular Roger Key, Phil Parker, and Pat Milne.

The report has been sent to Cllr Elfan ap Rees at North Somerset Council, with copies going to other
NSC senior councillors and officers, to the Government of the Southwest, to the West of England Partnership, and to Business West.

The Parish Council has requested a meeting with NSC to review our findings with the aim, at the very
least, of removing the original route from any further consideration. The latest papers on local transport strategy still contain references to the option of a southern link to Bristol from Weston, via the airport, and this option is still to be evaluated fully.

We will keep you advised of progress.

Geoff Matthews,
Chairman of
Volunteer Working Group