Broad Street Wrington Businesses

Richards Garage and Stores closed in 2009
Their entry in the Business section was transferred to the Archive
to mark the historical significance of the business

Richards Garage & Stores

Richards Garage
Motor engineers
Service & repairs to all makes of vehicles
MOT testing - accident repair specialist
Petrol - Diesel
tyres - batteries - exhausts
Camping gaz - Calor gas - Handygas
& appliances
Household coal - paraffin - barbecue charcoal

Monday - Friday 8am - 5.30pm
Saturday 8.45am - 1pm

Switch, Delta, Visa, Mastercard, Overdrive, Dial accepted

Room 1.

Richards Stores

You can be assured of friendly service and attention
Next Room notice
There's always ...
..... another room

Room 2 Room 3
Toys & fancy goods
                         Hardware & electrical
                                         Batteries & lighting
      Cycle & motor accessories

Crystal glass, silverware, china, pottery
Kitchenware, watches, clocks, radios
Video & telephone accessories

Mostyn Richards

Agents for dry cleaning, laundry, shoe repairs