Broad Street Wrington ARCHIVE
Miche's Memories

Memories of Wrington - and some special thank yous

Taking Megs, Tom and Joe to Sunday School and having to make use of Rita and Dave's outside loo when the boys were caught short.

Nativity Plays - Joe aged 4 playing a Frenchman, refusing to let go of his baguette prop at rehearsal, taking it home with him resulting in one mangled baguette on The Day.

Helen Clark throwing herself off the pulpit into Derek Hooper's arms as part of one of his sermons - a heart stopping moment.

Going Carol singing around Wrington and Pat Kennett giving us very strong homemade wine to keep us going - delicious.

Derek Hooper,
who increased my faith in God

Marian Dutfield - a completely
special person and someone I have missed very much.

Noel Hector - a
great support last year and has
single-handedly made me always think of the Golden Lion as Ye Golden Lino (courtesy of Tony Watts' script).

Lin Perry cutting my children's hair - never an easy task with young children.

Making coffee for the Welcome Coffee Morning group - a wonderful place to talk to local people and get all the gossip.

Joanna Wilson's huge knowledge of Wrington - I still want to paint your portrait Joanna - please!

The Christmas Shopping List from Amors - trying to persuade Brenda Cheeseman to give me George Clooney instead of parsnips....

Richards Shop - an Aladdin's Cave where you can get almost anything, but possibly not George Clooney.

Wrington Motors - endless help and patience with my ageing Micra which is still going strong.

Wrington Art Week 2000 - got me going as a portrait artist. Thank you Teresa Dunstone for inspiring me to give it a go.

Marian Donovan - a real support and a good friend - we have such a laugh - thank you Marian.

Fred Cowgill - I loved eating all those biscuits in your freezing office listening to your anecdotes.

DT Structures - very laid back and fun - I shall never forget Teresa Kellow's loud infectious laugh, and at last I know what a tensile structure is.

And Gary Clements - am I bitter? Am I hell...

The Drama Club - who proved you could still have a great laugh even when life is awful - thank you to all of you.

The Post Office girls to whom I said so often- "No men ever again", and we would laugh about it - so, ok - I was wrong, all right?

Elizabeth Booth - an unintrusive friendship built up and lots of lovely veg left on my door step.

Ann and Tony Vaughan - such kindness from my neighbours.

Nicholas and Ruth Maddock - huge support last year!

Sheila, Bob and all in Amors - we have had such laughs, haven't we?

Sue Shipway (née Cummings) - a true Wrington girl and a good friend for 20 years!

Alan and Jean Durston -
a real source of strength to me and pivotal in bringing me back to God.

Natalie and Sue Cross at New Image - for making my hair so gorgeous (ahem) and listening to all
my problems over the years.

Martin Hickes - a great and helpful neighbour - are you sure you wouldn't like to have my ginger cat Paddy?

Lorna Gay Darling - a friend with smiley Irish eyes and a lovely singing voice.

Sue Bendall, Laura and Pete
and of course mum-in-law Elinor

"Jinks" Pollard and her beau Walter!

Phil Neve - Allo darlin' - where would I have been without you too eh?

Michael and Scott - so naughty,
but you didn't half brighten my dark days with your sense of fun and too much alcohol.

Nicki Sellars - a friend
for life.

My art mates -
Ann Dale, Sandie Hargreaves, Monica Duthie - see you all in Cape Town at the
artists' colony that I am setting up - and I mean that.

So finally I am off to the sun with love and romance thrown in - a happy ending and a new beginning.

Thank you Wrington for all your support and giving me such happy memories. Bye bye.

Miche Dunstone

                                                        Painting by Miche: Kwabena Osei