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Butcombe Well
Tricia Barke, February 2009

                                                    Butcombe sinks a Well in Nepal!

What links the hilly village of Butcombe with a mountain village in Nepal? Well, at certain times this winter we might have said "snow"! However, there is more than that.

The Butcombe Arts Festival last May was much enjoyed by participants and audiences alike. Just as important, over £800 was raised, half going to the village hall and half to the Friendship Clinic which provides healthcare for a community in Nepal. The money goes a long way there. As well as funding a nurse for a year, it paid for the building of a well, shown in the picture below, and a properly constructed lavatory.

We take a ready supply of clean water and hygienic sewage disposal for granted, and in that we are fortunate. It isn’t like that for most of the world. Now Butcombe has changed things for this small community in Nepal. The local people receive health education and have been taught how to maintain the well. The lavatory is a safe distance from the well and the health benefits of both are already evident. The villagers report that there are fewer people suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea, and fewer skin problems.

At a time when good news seems hard to come by, this example of how a little help can make such a big difference is heartening.