Broad Street Wrington ARCHIVE
Visit of George Carey
Archbishop Of Canterbury (designate)
to All Saints', Sunday, 4th October, 1990

George Carey, then Bishop of Bath & Wells, presided over the 9.30am Choral Eucharist at All Saints' on Sunday, 4th October, 1990.

He had been chosen to become the next Archbishop of Canterbury.
Afterwards, he greeted and chatted with members of the congregation, but before doing so, he agreed to give a short interview in the Lady Chapel, recorded on video, whilst he was changing out of the vestments worn for the service.
We move on March 20th, but I've actually handed over my powers as bishop to Nigel McCullough, the bishop of Taunton.
The idea is that between now and them we prepare ourselves for the move.

A lot of it is going to London and meting people
In February I go to the World Council of Churches, to represent the Church of England with the Archbishop of York. I'll be going as Archbishop Designate, or maybe even Archbishop Elect.

Some time in February or March the canons of Canterbury Cathedral have to elect me as Archbishop .. it's a formality.
[Being chosen as archbishop] was a surprise. I ought to say that before that my name had been circulating along with another 12.

So there was a running - I was an outsider, about 20:1. I didn't pay very serious attention to this because, logically, I said to myself, well, this won't happen to me - I've been here only two and a quarter years, so I haven't the experience some people have.

I thought they would let me be, you see ?
But the question then is, why was I chosen, and I think it has to do with the fact that they probably thought that, of the people running for it, the senior ones, in five or six years time would have to retire, and if they wanted someone to look after the Church of England for 10 years, then they were going to go for someone of my age, and I suppose they're going to go for someone with my degree of experience, you see.
So, we have to say that, if the Crown Appointments Commission elected me, we have to hope it was God really who did the electing.