Broad Street Wrington ARCHIVE
Local Home Guard 1939-45

Company Officers and NCOs 8th Somerset LI Home Guard
Photo taken behind the Golden Lion possibly on VE Day
Home Guard in Somerset -
a book for which
the author, Geoffrey Wilson, who lives near Langport, has gathered information about the Somerset Home Guard for 12 years.

He is publishing a book of his research with details of the local Home Guard here.
He's still trying to put names to faces of our local unit. Ken Collins, Albert Owers and Val Yeoman have been able to assist with this but unfortunately not everyone has been identified.

Can you help with this picture, possibly taken on V.E. day at the back of the Golden Lion? The smaller version below is numbered to help pinpoint any faces you can put a name to. Please e-mail

Hopefully the book will go to print within the next few months. Further information about the date of publication, price &c will be put on the Wrington website and in the Journal when available.
Those so far identified
1 William Organ
9 R.S. Denvers (Butcombe)
23 Lt Congresbury
24 Mr (later Sir) Wilfred Anson
25 (Alderman) Major Lyne
26 Dr H.A. Bell
Redhill Home Guard - December, 1943
Privates         Andrews     Lowis  F. Harding    Ashley                  Ellis       Kitchin   Stevens      Rugman
                 Fear      Bennett Ogbourne
Perry    C.Harding        Banwell  G.Croker Goodenough  Vauden  J.Croker
                                   L/c            Cpl      Sgt             2Lt            Cpl           L/c         L/c 
  H. Croker   W.Brean Hucker    Wilkins Bingham     Tidman      Baldwin    Banwell   L. Coles     T.Brean   Atherton

Absentees: H.Ashman, E.Ashman, Marshall, Stiles, Taylor, Throssell,
                                                    Original Land Defence Volunteers shown in red