Broad Street Wrington ARCHIVE
Early Photographs

Among the earliest photographs donated to the website come these from Essie Clark. They are labelled as being taken by Cabinet Studio of Bristol, and show pupils at the school.

The first one includes Essie's father George Collins at the approximate age of 7 years, standing far left, second row from the front.

Since he was born in 1884, this would date the photos at 1891. The identities of other children and the teacher are unknown.
George Collins >
The third photo of the school and pupils is from a different set - Amors Series 59 - and is clearly later, but the fashion of dress suggests a date prior to the first world war.
Just out of shot and to the right is Wrington farmhouse, and the state of the road - and the children standing there for the photographer -make it clear the road was neither as busy, nor as metalled, as it is today !
The final photograph of this sequence is by the same firm of photographers as the first two, but evidently taken at a different time of year. The angle of view suggests the camera was in one of the first-floor rooms above what is now the Nat West bank - or standing on a ladder !