All Saints', Wrington
Re-ordering of the Interior

All Saints' Tower

 Over many years, a number of features of the interior of All Saints' were   
 becoming more and more in need of re-furbishing:

 * Most importantly, from a practical point of view, the layout of the vestry area
   under the tower left much 
to be desired, 

 *  as did the need, in the sanctuary, to manhandle a portable kneeler into
   position during communion 
services to plug the gap in the altar rail.

 * The magnificent reredos had been deteriorating and was becoming much
    in need of cleaning and restoring.

 * The front choir stalls could accommodate only small       juniors, and were
    most uncomfortable for adults.

 * The arrangement for standing at the lectern was awkward enough to put
   many people off reading, and

 *  the journey up the pulpit steps had become hazardous for all but the most
    lithe of preachers

 *  The chancel step was too narrow

The following pages show the changes brought about by a strenuous effort of fund-raising by the congregation