Broad Street All Saints', Wrington 
Children's Corner 
Children are very welcome at any time, and never more so than at the 9.30am Family Service on the first Sunday of the month.

On other Sundays, they may leave the Choral Eucharist for a period of Junior Church, returning in time to go up to the altar with their parents for a blessing when they take communion.
But in any event, there's a children's area in the north-west corner of the church with carpet and soft toys, so parents
need never feel at a loss if their child shows signs of being restless at any time in any service.

We've all 'been there' and want parents
to know their children are welcome as
a most important part of the family

The children's corner also has a large. red notice-board on which is displayed some of the work of the children when they go out to junior church during the 9.30.

And there's also a reminder of the Edward Bear club which the rector runs in church on the first Friday afternoon of every month for pre-school children and their parents