Broad Street

All Saints', Wrington 
Maisey + Mum and Grandma
Sunday, 7th September, 2008

The congregation of All Saints' were delighted to welcome Ruth Chard's great-grand-daughter, Maisey, with her mum, Cathryn, and grandma, Marilyn, at the 9.30am service. Maisey had very recently been baptised, and only just over a week ago the village learned that Ruth had died. She and her husband, Les, had emigrated to New Zealand to live with their other daughter's family.

Ruth had been a faithful member of the All Saints' congregation, and it had been her leaving in 1999 which had prompted the creation of this website, as a means for Wringtonians everywhere to keep in touch.

In Ruth's case, contact has been maintained, mainly via daughter Yvonne Spratt (née Chard), an effect which, happily, has applied to other Wrington families in different parts of the world.