Broad Street

All Saints', Wrington 
Harvest of Hope
Monday, 26th March, 2007

Harvest of Hope was the title of an evening mounted by Christian Aid to recall the part played by Hannah More in the abolition of the slave trade 200 years ago yesterday.
Before the events of the evening in the Memorial Hall, two of the speakers, the Revd Jeremy and Mrs Margaret Collingwood, joined the Rector at Hannah More's grave in All Saints' churchyard. With them was Elizabeth Perry of Somerset Christian Aid.
Jeremy Collingwood outlined the political history of the abolition movement, and Margaret analysed those facets of Hannah More's upbringing and character which made her such a powerful supporter of the likes of William Wilberforce and John Newton.
After a break for refreshments, the second half of the evening consisted of a powerful account by Martin John Nicholls, in poetry and song, of the cruel inequalities in the world today which motivate him personally, and Christian Aid as an organisation, in their work as development agency.
The musical impact of his playing on guitar and traditional Senegalese drum was enhanced in several numbers by the sensitive oboe obbligato by his co-worker, Caroline Thomas,

together with accompanying images, some starkly challenging, others hopeful and encouraging.