Broad Street

Christ Church, Redhill 
Churchyard clear
Saturday, 3rd November, 2007

Report by Liz Ekin

About 15 of us gathered to do some remedial work on the graveyard – principally clearing an area that has not seen the light of day for many years. A further eight graves were rediscovered! It was a very happy morning and the sun shone throughout. We now have a fantastic plan of the graveyard, beautifully prepared by Phillip Glynn, and this will help the many enquirers we have who are looking for graves of relatives.
We would love to hear from any who have relatives buried at Christ Church; it would be so helpful if more hands could come forward to provide some labour the next time we have a spring clean!
Whose bottom ? A good example from a chapel warden
8 extra graves rediscovered in this area
Happy in my work! 'Lavender Liz'
Is he really working? Coffee ?
Mutual encouragement ! Yes, it’s the Parson !
Spot the photographer