Broad Street

All Saints', Wrington 
performed Saturday, 3rd April, 2004
2.30pm & 6.30pm

The Angel of the Lord Echo Irving
Death, God's messenger Simon Medd
Everyman Fred Cowgill
Fellowship Peter Langley
Cousin Andrea Howden
Kindred Rob Masding
Goods Belinda Kumpel
Good-deeds Betty Thorneywork
Wisdom Francis Montagu

Producer Echo Irving
The Angel of the Lord bids Death ...
.. to summon Everyman to make a pilgrimage and give full reckoning of his life's deeds and misdeeds ...
... unable to persuade Death to let him delay, Everyman despairs of help ...
... until, seeing Fellowship, tries - in vain - to enlist his company ...
... and, meeting with no greater measure of success with his Cousin and other Kindred ...

... he looks to Goods to help him in his need ...
... rejected and taunted by Goods, he finally turns to Good-deeds, who's near fatally weakened by his past sins ...

... but, assisted by her brother Wisdom, they together set out with Everyman on his pilgrimage ...
... and, in the end, the Angel of the Lord may now assure him his good deeds and merit will permit him finally to obtain
his heavenly goal.

Production photos kindly supplied by Rob Masding